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This site is the official home for the Goalpost Gambling podcast. As two lifelong sports fans, my brother and I love delivering content that meaningfully engages with the sports world through a modern, relevant approach that recognizes the revolutionary changes brought about by the advent of online sports betting. Today, more people than ever have access to sports wagering sites, both physical and digital, but that doesn't mean it is lawful for everyone. Below are a series of disclaimers regarding our content, brand, site, and podcast.

1. The primary purpose of this podcast, site, etc. is entertainment and analysis. We do not intend to advise or support anyone in the literal act of gambling or sports betting. Our content is exclusively intended to analyze and find entertainment value in sports topics that include or encompass gambling; we do not assume or advise sports betting on any of the topics or matches/games we cover. Furthermore, we do not condone, advise, or otherwise support any unlawful gambling.

2. As aforementioned, sport gambling is now legal in many circumstances; however, in many instances it is still prohibited. We do not advise, condone, or otherwise support any unlawful or restricted sports betting. Some of these instances may include, but are not limited to: self-imposed or non-self-imposed individual gambling restrictions, state restrictions, legal restrictions surrounding physical gambling sites, and the illegality or illegitimacy of unlicensed/unlawful sportsbooks.

3. Furthermore, many person who are not restricted from sports betting, legally or self-imposed, may have gambling addictions. Gambling addiction is a serious condition that requires help. We do not advise or condone interacting with our content if you have a gambling addiction. If you feel you or a loved one has a gambling addition, seek help. Find help, resources, and HOTLINE here: 24/7 Gambling Addiction Hotline |

4. We are not sponsored by any particular sportsbook

5. We do not necessarily bet on the events we discuss


6. We do not guarantee that any "lines" or "props" we discuss will be accurate at all times due to the nature of sportsbook fluctuations. We also do not advise that anyone literally bets any of our "best bets" or "picks" or anything else that may be erroneously construed as a suggestion. We also do not guarantee that any of our "picks" will be graded as winners, or that the aforementioned "bets," "plays," or "picks" will be available or legal in an individual's region of residency or lawful for them to bet on. 

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